Where to watch I Am: Celine Dion movie at cinemas and online (2024)

Celine Dion's distinctive voice has been known all over the globe ever since she first rose to international fame as a Eurovision winner back in 1988.

She's had phenomenal chart success singing in both English and French over the last 35 years. Celine has sold over 200 million records worldwide and was the second woman in history to earn a billion US dollars in concert revenue.

Her songs have been featured on movie soundtracks from Beauty and the Beast (both versions) to Titanic, and her lengthy career has seen her become a pop-culture icon.

However, two years ago, Celine had to cancel several live shows as she was experiencing "severe and persistent muscle spasms" that were affecting her ability to perform.

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In December 2022, she shared that the cause had been identified and she'd been diagnosed with a rare and life-changing neurological disorder known as stiff-person syndrome (SPS), which had been affecting "every aspect of my daily life".

A new documentary I Am: Celine Dion is released this month, and covers a period in her life around the time of the singer's diagnosis when she was unable to tour.

In her own words, it marks "the journey from discovering my condition to learning how to live with and manage it, but not to let it define me".

"As the road to resuming my performing career continues, I have realised how much I have missed it, of being able to see my fans," Celine added. "During this absence, I decided I wanted to document this part of my life to help others who share this diagnosis."

We've set out how you can watch the new documentary – whether that's at home or, if there's a screening near you, at the cinema.

Stream I Am: Celine Dion (from June 25)

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Where can I watch the Celine Dion movie in cinemas?

Those who wish to see I Am: Celine Dion on the big screen in the UK will get the opportunity to do so on the evening of Tuesday, June 18, a week ahead of its global streaming debut.

Most screenings for this very limited theatrical run are scheduled to start at 8.30pm that night, but check carefully on your cinema's website when booking.

A total of 30 Vue cinemas are listed as showing I Am: Celine Dion on the evening of June 18 (browse to see if your local cinema is included here). It's also been listed at 12 Everyman cinemas.

How to stream I Am Celine Dion at home

For those of you who don't have a screening near you, you won't have much longer to wait, because I Am: Celine Dion will get its exclusive streaming service release on Amazon's very own Prime Video the following Tuesday (June 25) at 8am UK time.

There are two ways to access the Prime Video library. One is by signing up for a Prime Video-only membership, which costs £5.99 per month in the UK.

For that, you'll be able to watch some of Amazon's best original TV series like Fallout, The Boys and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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Stream I Am: Celine Dion on Prime Video

There's also live sport such as selected men's Premier League football matches – and from September, you'll be able to watch selected live UEFA Champions League matches, too.

Prime's catalogue also includes acclaimed movies – with plenty of Amazon Originals such as The Idea of You, Saltburn and American Fiction.

New releases this month range from tennis star Roger Federer's documentary Federer: Twelve Final Days to alternate history comedy-drama My Lady Jane.

Meanwhile, Amazon's full Prime membership (priced at £8.99 per month or £95 per year in the UK, with discounts for students or those aged 18-22, and free trials for new and eligible returning customers) brings you all the Prime Video content, plus further perks.

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These include next-day or named-day delivery options on eligible orders, early access to flash sales (known as 'lightning deals' in Amazon-speak), plus access to Prime Reading and Prime Gaming.

Prime customers in the UK can also enjoy ad-free music and podcasts via Amazon Music with Prime (note this is a different service from Amazon Music Unlimited), cheap Odeon cinema tickets, up to a year's complimentary Deliveroo Plus Silver membership and – subject to availability in your postcode – grocery delivery and a year's free delivery on HelloFresh boxes.

Additionally, Prime members can share their benefits with one other person in their household (note this isn't possible with Prime Student).

Finally, Prime Video's content does have ads by default. You'll need to pay £2.99 per month extra to go ad-free – and this benefit can't be shared so each person in a household needs to purchase it individually.

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Where to watch I Am: Celine Dion movie at cinemas and online (2024)


Where can I stream "I Am Celine Dion"? ›

The I Am: Celine Dion documentary will premiere on Prime Video, which requires a Prime membership to access its full library. Prime Video is available to stream on a smart TV, phone, computer or notebook device via the Prime Video app.

What is the unofficial Celine Dion movie? ›

The movie is an unofficial biopic of the life of Céline Dion, here called Aline Dieu. Dion's husband and manager, René Angélil, is called Guy-Claude Kamar in this movie.

Is there a movie about Celine Dion's life? ›

'I Am: Celine Dion' Review: A Raw And Gut-Wrenching Documentary Reveals A Music Superstar Through Her Most Challenging Physical Trauma.

Is Amazon Prime Video free? ›

Prime Video is available as part of the Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99 per month or $139 annually for an individual. Prime has all your entertainment and streaming needs in a single membership. Prime Video shows and movies include limited advertisem*nts, or you can sign up for the ad-free option.

What health condition is Celine Dion? ›

The iconic singer first shared that she was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome in December 2022. The rare neurological disorder can cause stiffness and muscle spasms, and affect a person's ability to move and even sing.

Who is Celine Dion's partner now? ›

Who does the singing in the movie Celine? ›

The actress closely studied videos of Dion performing for the film's concert scenes, although she is lip-synching to French artist Victoria Sio, who provides Aline's singing voice.

What movie was Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On in? ›

"My Heart Will Go On" is a song recorded by the Canadian singer Celine Dion as the theme for the 1997 film Titanic. It was composed by James Horner, with lyrics by Will Jennings, and produced by Horner, Walter Afanasieff and Simon Franglen.

What film is Celine Dion I'm alive from? ›

"I'm Alive" is a song by Canadian singer Celine Dion from her seventh English-language album, A New Day Has Come (2002). It was released as the album's second single on 5 August 2002 and was also featured in the film Stuart Little 2.

When was Celine Dion's last show? ›

Celine Dion last appeared on stage in London in 2019 before announcing her she was suffering from rare 'one in a million' illness. Celine Dion has been a mainstay of music scene since she first burst onto the world stage in the late 1980s.

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