Top 7 Best Site To Download Bollywood Movies In HD For Free (2024)

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Who isn’t fond of watching movies and that too if they are available free of cost. A parsimonious way to watch the movies that you love from the comfort of your house is by downloading them.

Search engines present a huge list of such sites which promise you quality downloads for Bollywood movies but most often you will end up getting bombarded with intrusive advertisem*nts and nasty malware. If you are one such movie enthusiast who starts looking for a high-resolution print whenever a new movie is released, then to make the quest easier for you, we have listed 7 such websites where you can download Bollywood movies in HD quality.

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There are of course plenty of available options when you want to download Bollywood movies, but the sites listed below have the most massive collection and most importantly offer your high-quality content.

Best Sites to Download Bollywood Moves in HD


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Worldfree4u is a comfortable stop for users to download HD Bollywood movies at no cost. The site provides a plethora of choices and boasts categories including Bollywood, Hollywood, Cartoon & Animated, Bengali movies, Tamil movies, Punjabi movies, and more.

Moreover, the user interface makes it extremely easy to navigate the website, so you wouldn’t find it difficult to find a specific title. Every movie has complete details such as genre, release date, star cast, IMDb ratings, and a small synopsis. The best part is that users, who have previously downloaded any movie, can leave a comment. This way you get to know whether the quality of the content meets the description or not.

You can either scroll through the homepage to see all the latest releases of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies, or use the search box to find a particular movie.

Mp4 Moviez

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Another great website to download Bollywood movies for free, Mp4 Moviez offers movies in 480p and 720p qualities. The site is almost like a mine for movies of all categories. You can find movies in different genres and languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujrati, Punjabi and more. Additionally, the MP4Moviez features content on WWE shows, Indian Television shows, and award shows. You can also find some good quality Hollywood dubbed movies.

The homepage itself displays categories named as new Bollywood movies, latest Hollywood movies, etc on the top so that you can easily find the latest releases.

If you are unable to find your preferred title in the categories, then you have the option to place a request in the website with the “Request Your Movies” option. This is an unusual feature for similar websites.


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aFilmywap has split its content into different categories which includes Bollywood Hindi movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, Marathi movies, Tamil movies, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies and more. Thanks to the specific language categories, navigating this website is an easy task. Other than movies, the site also features episodes of Indian television shows.

The sites promise high-quality content above 720p. With the gigantic collection of movies, you will surely find what you are looking for in this website.

HD Movie+

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HD Movie + is a long-standing user favorite. The site has a lot of content in terms of movies in different languages. The categories are extensive with specific genres like horror, animation, etc.

The user interface is quite simple to look at where you can find the top 10 trending movies on a daily basis. The homepage has separate drop down menus for Bollywood, Hindi dubbed, Hollywood, and South-Indian movies. The creators of the websites have given the option to request for a particular movie if it is not available on the website. Also, you can subscribe to the website in order to get alerts in your email for new movie uploads.


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ModernMob’s popularity lies in its interesting UI. The site just like any other Bollywood movies download website gives access to hundreds of movies in different languages. The welcome page displays all the recently added movies along with their quality.

You can search for Bollywood, Hollywood, and South-Indian movies. Additionally, there is an option to look for movies based on the month of release. Aside from different genre movies, ModernMob also offers download for web series.


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The constant flow of new movies to 123mkv makes this site quite popular among users who prefer Bollywood movies. You will find all the latest releases neatly displayed on the front page with their information including date of release and quality of file. The site also mentions movies that are about to be uploaded. What we like about the site is that it represents all the hit blockbusters from the current and last few years on the front page itself which can be easily navigated. If you are looking for old releases, simply go to the Yearly drop-down menu at the top of the page to see the options.


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The world’s biggest video-haring platform cannot be excluded from this list. YouTube isn’t just the place to watch latest movie trailers.

The site now has a large collection of both movies and TV shows that you can download for free. However, finding a particular movie in HD quality can be a difficult task with YouTube. There are several tools that help in downloading YouTube movies and videos in high quality. The site has paid subscription programs like YouTube Premium to get access to high-quality movies.

You should know that there isn’t any legal way to download movies which are still being played in theatres. However, there are few movies download websites where you can take a paid subscription or buy movies individually. The content on these websites might be limited but they are completely safe. The most popular among them are:

Netflix-Even though this immensely well-known platform offers a very limited number of Bollywood movies, but it is still a worthwhile investment considering that you will get supreme quality content. Aside from movies, you can find shows, series, and short films on Netflix. The site offers a free trial period and yes, you can download movies from this platform.

Amazon Prime- More cost effective when compared to other similar options, Amazon Prime Video gives to access to the latest Bollywood movies. The best part is that you can opt for a 30 days free trial period and watch unlimited number of movies. Post the free trial period, you can subscribe for a paid annual package.

Wrapping up:

The websites mentioned in this post will allow you to download Bollywood movies for free. However, you can consider streaming movies which is also a free and safer option instead of downloading them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not encourage any illegal downloading and sharing of copyrighted content.

Top 7 Best Site To Download Bollywood Movies In HD For Free (2024)
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