Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism: How To Perfectly Activate This Excellent Switch? - Game Specifications (2024)

A stationary Dwemer platform that protrudes from the earth is part of a Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism. This can be be found in the Dwemer towns of Mzinchaleft, Alftand, and Raldbthar. In this post you will find out how to complete the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism and learn some new secrets and tricks as well.

What is the Dwarven Mechanism?

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism: How To Perfectly Activate This Excellent Switch? - Game Specifications (1)

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism is a large platform that protrudes out from the ground and is used as a special staircase that will take your character ‘Dragonborn’ to an ancient Dwemer Ruin. The primary purpose of this staircase is to lead the main character to the Ruins, which hold many secrets and special items. Though there are specific requirements to access these staircases, which we will see in the game a total of 5 times only.

How to access the Dwarven Mechanism in Skyrim

To access the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism, ‘Dragonborn‘ has to collect/obtain four shards which will allow him to use the staircase to go down or up through the ancient Ruins. The Mechanism will only work if Dragonborn has all four shards, without even a single shard the mechanism will not work and will only halter your progress.

If a player tries to access the Dwarven Mechanism without all four, he will insert the shards in his inventory. If an inadequate amount of shards are not found, then he won’t be able to open the mechanism.

Where to find the shards for the Dwarven Mechanism

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The first Aetherium shard will be awarded to you when you finish the previous quest before doing the quest ‘Lost to the Ages’, this is the easiest shard to get.

The second shard is found at ‘Deep Folk Crossing‘ which is situated northwest of ‘Karthwasten‘, after arriving there you have to walk straight over the bridge and you will see the shard.

The Third shard is located south west of ‘Windhelm‘ in a place called ‘Raldbthar‘, this is the most difficult shard to collect as you need to fight through a Dwarven dungeon and solve a few puzzles to reach the shard.

The final shard is located just south of ‘Mzulft‘ in Dwarven storage. Here, once you open the storage you will be given two choices from which you need to do the ‘Apprentice‘ lock as it takes less time compared to the ‘Expert‘ lock option.

After collecting all four you can finish the quest ‘Lost to the Ages‘ you are allowed to access the Aetherium forge.

Locations of all the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism’s

You can find the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism’s at the Dwemer cities of Mzinchaleft, Alftand and Raldbthar. These Mechanism’s are the only one’s that can be used to reach the ancient Dwemer ruin of ‘Blackreach‘ through the rotating stairwell that reaches below to the Ruin.

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism: How To Perfectly Activate This Excellent Switch? - Game Specifications (3)

You can find another similar looking Dwarven Mechanism north of ‘Winterhold‘, inside Septimus Signus’s Outpost. The artifact ‘Oghma‘ Infinium, the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora can be obtained in the Outpost after properly searching. Ruins of Bthalft is another Dwarven Mechanism that can be found.

Raldbthar Dwarven Mechanism

Attunement Sphere‘ is an item that is required to access the Raldbthar Dwarven Mechanism, which can be found in the other Dwemer Ruins. To get to the Mechanism Dragonborn has to go the north of ‘Winterhold’ and has to find a way to the college. One way is to walk carefully and steadily down the mountain path OR jump off the bridge into the water, swim past the ‘Skytemple’ ruin and enter a cave called Septimus Signus’s Outpost.

After arriving here you will get a quest called ‘Discerning the Transmundane‘ by ‘Septimus’ who will provide you with the key to open the Dwarven Mechanism.

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism Bthalf

The Dwarven Mechanism which is found in the Ruins of Bthalf has a strange astrolabe present on the dais in the middle of the platform. It can be founded and seen before you complete the “Lost to the Ages” quest; after its completion you can notice that the dais is replaced with an elevator leading downstairs to the Aetherium Forge.

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism Mzinchaleft

Mzinchaleft is a Dwemer Ruin situated southwest of Dawnstar and east of Ustengrav; It is a part of a quest named “Dark Brotherhood”. The entrance to Blackreach is located at the Gatehouse of Mzinchaleft, it can be reached by completing the main mission. A set of Falmer Armor is also hidden behind a gate with an Expert-level lock in Mzinchaleft.


How many Dwarven Mechanism are there

There are Four Dwarven Mechanism’s throughout the map of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

What is the main item required to access the Dwarven Mechanism

You need an ‘Attunement Sphere’ to access the Dwarven Mechanism, which will be given by Septimus and also can be found in Sinderion’s Field Laboratory.

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Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism: How To Perfectly Activate This Excellent Switch? - Game Specifications (2024)
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