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Feel unapologetically confident and beautiful with the superior wax services from European Wax Center Lawrenceville – Princeton. At EWC, we believe that waxing is for every body, which is why we offer both women’s and men’s waxing services. Whether you’re in need of a Brazilian or bikini wax, facial, upper lip, eyebrow waxing, or full body waxing, our certified Wax Specialists have you covered. Our specially formulated Comfort Wax®, applied at a warm temperature, removes easily (without strips!) and is gentle on all skin types. Our professional, highly-trained Wax Specialists are ready to give you that gorgeous, silky-smooth feeling. Don’t hesitate! Your first wax is on us, so book a reservation today to reveal your smoothest skin ever.

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Waxing Hair Removal Service
Arm hair removal
Back hair removal
Bikini waxing
Brazilian waxing
Chest hair removal
Chin waxing
Ear hair removal
Eyebrow waxing
Facial hair removal
Hairline waxing
Laser hair removal
Leg hair removal
Lip hair removal
Men’s waxing
Neck hair removal
Organic waxing
Stomach hair removal
Strip waxing
Underarm hair removal
Anti-Aging Facial
Arms (Full)
Arms (Half)
Back & Shoulders Waxing
Back (Full)
Back (Lower)
Back (Mid)
Back (Upper)
Balance Facial
Bikini (Brazilian)
Bikini (Full)
Bikini (Line)
Bikini Area Waxed
Bikini Full
Brazilian New Guests
Brightening Facial
Brow Maintenance
Brow Shape
Brow Shaping
Brows And Lashes
Brows Groom
Butt Full
Chest (Full)
Chest (Full) Up To $36
Chest (Strip)
Chest Strip
Clog Pores
Deep Cleaning
Different Facial Waxing Services
Ear Hair Removal
Ears Up To $15
European Wax
Eyebrow Shapes
Eyebrows Lip
Eyebrows Up To $26
Face Exfoliating
Face Skincare
First Facial
Free Shipping
Free Wax
Full Arm Up To $49
Full Back Up To $61
Full Brazilian
Full Face
Full Stomach
Hair Color
Hair Grows Back
Hair Removal Options
Half Arm Up To $41
Hard Wax
Hydrating Facial
Hydrogel Mask
Ingrown Hair Treatment
Inner Thigh
Inner Thighs
Legs (Full)
Legs (Full) Up To $76
Legs (Lower)
Legs (Lower) Up To $46
Legs (Upper)
Legs (Upper) Up To $48
Lower Back Up To $25
Lower Lip
Makeup Application
Men’s Brow Waxing
Men’s Grooming
Mid Back Up To $25
Nose Hairs
Nose Up To $16
Permanent Makeup
Regular Facial
Removing Unwanted Hair
Revitalizing Facial
Shoulders Up To $30
Simple Bikini
Skincare Therapy
Stomach (Full)
Stomach (Strip)
Stomach Strip
Traditional Makeup
Tweezing Just
Underarm Wax
Underarms Up To $23
Upper Arm
Upper Back Up To $30
Upper Lip
Wax Advice
Wax Centers
Wax Pass
Wax Salons
Your Eyebrow Wax
Your Mini Facial
Hair Removal Service
Body waxing
Eyebrow threading
Skin treatments
Beauty Salon

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Address: 3371 US-1, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Phone: (609) 580-1891


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Shakaira Hall

At European wax center located in Lawrenceville I had a great experience I went and seen Megan and she is very good, she is so gentle, when your nervous if it’s your first time ever getting any type of wax done she makes your first time a very good experience to where you will want to keep going back!!

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Catia Vincent

I have been coming to this EWC location for almost 2 years now. My experience is always great. Great customer service and communication when an appointment needs to changed. I have been seeing Quayasia for my last few wax services and she is great! She has great communication skills, very personable, gentle and patient throughout the whole service. I’d recommend her and this location to anyone.

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Stephanie Owusu-Boateng

Jessie was personable, relatable, professional, skilled and efficient. She made sure we engaged in conversation and was able to distract me from the pain. She was fast and went out of her way to make sure I was happy with the results. I was very pleased with her service. I told her she has a returning customer.Body waxing

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Alicia Gary

Nice, clean facility. Alex is my go-to girl every time for every service. I know several customers that go to this location and everyone reports their girl is cool and punctual. Alex is still the BEST, such a sweet and kind person.Bikini waxing,Waxing,Body waxing,Brazilian waxing

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Samantha Guzman

Absolutely love Alexandra! She does a phenomenal job. My 1st time she walked me through what she was going to do and just overall put me at ease, making it a very comfortable experience. Now shes my go to waxer everytime – i highly recommend her

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Anastasia Sciorra

I’ve been coming to this location (Lawrenceville) for awhile now and I absolutely love it here. All of the staff are welcoming and professional. The front desk is always so friendly when I come in. Megan is the best, she’s been at this center for years and does an amazing job!

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Louise Zabasajja

I’ve been a customer at EWC for at least seven years. Megan was my first waxer and is my current. The entire business as a whole gives great service and consistently clean.. but I’ve gotten the pleasure to trust and rely on Megan’s services to this day. She’s the absolute best

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Lauren Ross

Megan has been my wax tech for the last several years. She is gentle, thorough, patient, and funny! She makes you feel comfortable and she gets the job done right!- Marie StechmannLip hair removal,Facial hair removal,Eyebrow waxing

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Lynette Knight

I am new to the area and have been going EWC for 10 years. I have experienced a supervisor and a work arguing in front on customers. 2 weeks ago I called to cancel my wax pass. The front desk staff assured me that she would have the supervisor return my call. After a week and half still no call. I called back to speak with the supervisor and was told she was not in and would call me back. I informed her that when the supervisor returned my call she should call back with the number to corporate. The supervisor told me she didn’t have the number to corporate. I informed her that I expected her to call me back in three days. I never got a call. After 2 weeks I called a sister store and the supervisor there canceled my wax pass but she too NEVER called me back with the number to corporate!!! This was a bad experience and I’m very disappointed!!!

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Amy Annucci

I always look forward to my appointments with Joi. She is so fun to talk to and she always makes me feel comfortable. And she does an amazing job. She’s my favorite! Waxing

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European Wax Center - Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 - Services and Reviews (2024)


How much should you tip at the European Wax Center? ›

For wax services, the overall price for a treatment usually varies by the size of the area you're getting waxed, but that shouldn't affect your tip. It doesn't matter if you're getting your armpits, bikini line, eyebrows, or full body waxed, a 20 percent tip on the overall price is satisfactory.

Should you tip your waxer? ›

Start at the baseline industry standard of 15-20% of the cost of your bikini wax. Feel free to tip at the lower end of this if your service was not up to your standards. Don't forget to ask them for a modification before letting your displeasure be reflected in your tip, though- they may have a solution!

How long should your hair be for a Brazilian wax? ›

Brazilian wax prep is simple! First, be sure that your hair is about a ¼ inch long, or the length of a sprinkle. If it's your first Brazilian wax, avoid shaving at least two weeks before your reservation. Next, be sure that the area is properly cleaned and moisturized.

Should I trim before a Brazilian wax? ›

Once your hair is at least ¼ of an inch long, you can come in for a wax. If it's longer than ½ an inch, you may want to trim (not shave) the area for a more pleasant experience. We'll do this for you, otherwise. Avoid tanning within 24 hours of your appointment.

Is $20 a good tip for Brazilian wax? ›

Though some salons suggest $10 to $20. Recommended tip: Depending on the price of the service, tip somewhere between $5 to $20. Bikini wax: Even if the service isn't as much, salons generally see higher tips in this category.

What to do before getting a wax? ›

Pre-Wax Prep
  1. Stop shaving/plucking 2 weeks prior to your wax. ...
  2. Gently exfoliate the area that will be waxed the day before your reservation. ...
  3. Skin can be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle, so consider booking in between your cycles.
  4. If you're worried about pain, take an ibuprofen an hour before your wax.

Does your waxer judge you? ›

1. No one is judging your vulva. First things first: “Don't be nervous about the way your vulva looks, “We see all sizes and colours on a daily basis. Our job is to make you look and feel better about it.” It's a bikini wax, not an audition to be a pubic-hair model.

How do I know if my waxer is good? ›

A great waxer will talk to you from the moment you enter the room, and even teach you how to breathe during their service, according to Shays. "A great esthetician will also be able to tell a client when their wax could be more painful, such as on their period, breastfeeding, tired, hungover, or stressed," she added.

Is the first time waxing the worst? ›

The first appointment is usually the worst in terms of pain, so keep this in mind. The second appointment may feel drastically different. As a general rule, hard waxes tend to hurt less than soft waxes. If you're worried about pain levels, try finding a salon that uses hard waxes.

At what age should you stop waxing? ›

There is No Age Limit on Waxing!

At the Wax Specialists we want you to feel your most confident self at 70, 80, 90 and even 100! There are so many benefits for mature skin! When we wax thin and fragile skin the right way, it can become more supple-looking and radiant.

When should you not wax? ›

You're pregnant, taking birth control, hormone substitution, or antibiotics. Your skin might be more sensitive to waxing, best to have a patch test 24 hours before getting waxed. Smokers or those with Rosacea. Waxing can aggravate dilated capillaries which are regular with smokers or individuals with Rosacea.

Is it awkward getting a Brazilian wax? ›

It really depends on your comfort level and how you feel about being partially naked in front of another person. If you're generally uncomfortable with being naked in front of others, then you might find getting a Brazilian wax to be a bit awkward.

Does Brazilian wax include inner lips? ›

A full Brazilian wax is a type of hair removal procedure that involves the complete removal of pubic hair, including the hair on the inner lips (labia majora and labia minora) and around the anus.

Does Brazilian wax include buttocks? ›

A Brazilian wax is one of the most complete hair removal choices. It removes almost all the pubic hair from your vagin* lips (labia) and mons pubis, the round area above your labia. It also removes pubic hair from your thighs, the area below your belly button, and your butt.

Can you be too hairy for a Brazilian wax? ›

Am I too hairy to get waxed? No! Your therapist has seen hundreds of clients from those who have little hair growth to those who have a lot. Simply, trim down your hair beforehand if it's slightly long to make the waxing experience more comfortable.

How much to tip $500 Botox? ›

How Much to Tip. If you choose to tip your injector, it should be between 10 and 20 percent of the total bill, which is standard in the beauty industry. But don't be offended if your injector also refuses your offer. Amelina says she politely declines tips from her clients.

How much do you tip a hairdresser for $500? ›

How Much Should You Tip Hairdressers? Regarding the amount you should tip your hairdresser, the general consensus is 20%. "The amount to tip can vary, but a common guideline is 15% to 20% of the total service cost.

How much is a 20 percent tip? ›

Suppose you paid $90 for a meal, and you want to tip your server 20%. This means you'd leave an $18 tip. Here's how the math breaks down. Your total bill amount, not including any sales taxes or other fees, would be $108.

How much to tip for Brazilian laser hair removal? ›

Tipping for laser hair removal treatments is similar to tipping for other beauty services. If you're not sure how much to tip, a general rule of thumb is to tip between 15% to 20% of the total cost of the treatment.

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