Best Minion Master Decks For Beginners (2024)

Because of the free DLC and a slew of prizes and new material, the Minion Masters playerbase has been slowly rising over the last several weeks. With so many updates, boosts, and nerfs to previous Minion Masters Decks, many players are curious what the best meta cards and Minion Masters builds are.

If you want to win Ranked games and move up the rankings, you can choose one of the top decks. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a brand new player or someone who’s been playing Minion Masters for a while.

For the Sand Wars 1.4 & Might of the Slither Lords Minion Masters Patch, we’ll show you the best Minion Masters decks and card loadouts for both 1v1 and 2v2 game modes.

Beginner Decks

Crossbow Guild Stormbringer Deck

The Stormbringer deck from the Crossbow Guild is extremely simple to play and contains a lot of standard cards that all new players should have. Crafting a package of these cards takes just 800 Shards, so they’re not that difficult to come by.

The basic concept behind this deck is to loop through the low-cost cards before you have Living Statue and Crossbow Guild. Place Crossbow Guild and the Living Statue at a bridge after you’ve done that. If you spawn more units, you’ll almost always win or have a significant edge at this point in the game.

In addition, if you’re low on Mana, Fireball is useful for clearing out large groups of enemies. 2x Crossbow Dudes, Elite Swarmer, Propeller Scrats, Armored Scrats, Fireball, Annihilator, Infiltration, Living Statue, and Crossbow Guild make up the Crossbow Guild Stormbringer Deck.

Solid All-round Stormbringer Succubus Deck

The Succubus Stormbringer Deck is a little on the costly side, costing 1100 Shards to create, but it’s incredibly strong. For a deck like this, winning won’t be a challenge. It’s made up of a number of meta cards that can be found at the top of Minion Masters card tier lists.

Best Minion Master Decks For Beginners (1)

Stun Lancers, in particular, are much too powerful for beginner decks, since most players in lower divisions have no idea how to deal with them. Cleaver is still very powerful because he can take a couple of shots and yet do a lot of harm to the enemy.

Overall, a fantastic build with a lot of variety and the ability to customize it to your needs. Scrat Pack, Dragon Whelp, Plasma Marines, Fire Imp, Fireball, Stun Lancers, Divine Warrior, Defenso Chopper, Succubus, and Cleaver make up the Stormbringer Succubus Deck.

Ultra Cheap Stormbringer Deck

This is the Minion Master Deck for you if you’re looking for a bargain. This deck is extremely powerful, particularly given the low craft cost of 650 shards and the average deck mana cost of 3.3. You will get this deck up and running in no time because it doesn’t need any Supreme or Legendary units.

Best Minion Master Decks For Beginners (2)

It’s also not rocket science to play, and it’s strong enough to propel you to Masters in no time. Illusory Cleaver, S.T.INT, Dragon Whelp, Warrior, Plasma Marines, Cannon Roller, Fireball, Drone Buzzers, Flightless Dragons, and Scrat Tank are among the cards in this set.

Advanced Pro Decks

Strong Mordar Deck

This Deck excels on both defense and offense since it can counter most enemy plays and tactics. Re-Boomer, for example, is an outstanding counter to Colossus, Cleaver, and a clump of clumped-up units because of his low cost and powerful AoE blast.

The fundamental premise behind this deck is to outlast your opponents before you have a Mana advantage. Then, with Cleaver in front as the tank and Xiao Long in the backline to support him, make massive pushes.

Best Minion Master Decks For Beginners (3)

Blastmancer is also effective against a variety of low-cost units. The Wizard Puffs, last but not least, are the primary air defense and attack units. Once Bitten, Elite Swarmer, Shock Rock, Re-Boomer, Xiao Long, Blastmancer, 3x Wizard Puffs, and Cleaver make up this Mordar Deck, which costs 8900 Shards to make. This Mordar deck’s average mana cost is 3.8.

Control Settsu Deck

A relatively inexpensive to craft Deck (5450 Shards) that is still successful. The Settsu Control Deck is chock-full of low-cost units–the total cost of the entire deck is just 2 Mana! The basic playstyle of this deck is to counter opponents before you have a large Mana advantage, as the term “control” implies.

At that point, surround them with units and try to win the game slowly but surely by poking each side of the bridge. 2x Illusory Cleaver, Nether Bat, Screaming Scrat, Black Hole, Bridge Buddies, Combustion, Shock Rock, Scrat Horde, and Defenso Chopper make up the Control Settsu Deck.

Powerful 2 vs 2 Diona Deck

This Card build excels at managing the Bridge and playing against Nyrvir and is a high defensive Diona Deck. This deck necessitates a major expenditure due to the inclusion of four Legendary and one Supreme unit in the setup.

You’ll need 9050 Shards to make it, but it’s well worth it because it counters the bulk of the existing meta Decks. The only disadvantage is that most fights take much longer because Stormy is the only offensive push card.

Illusory Cleaver, Bridge Buddies, Healing Shrine, Xiao Long, Banner Man, Ghost, Bridge Shrine, Magma Storm, Stormy, and Bahra the Witchwolf are all required to complete this deck. The average Mana cost in this Diona deck is 3.7.

Best Minion Master Decks For Beginners (2024)


Is Minion Masters worth playing? ›

Minion Masters might only have a solitary trick up its sleeve, but it's a real curtain raiser and the action throughout the rather similar game modes is still more than worthy of your attention. Especially as it's free.

Is Minion Master P2W? ›

It is pay to win , but it's much cheaper than other competitors . P2W means if I play free for 3 months someone can just drop cash to beat me.... P2W just means can you get any sort of competitive advantage by paying, and the answer is yes. 6-7 months of grinding to reach parity is pretty overt P2W.

How to get mecha apep? ›

Apep is one of the Masters in Minion Masters. This master is unlocked with 500 Shards or 300 Rubies.

What are wild cards minion masters? ›

Wild Cards in Minion Masters allow players to have either 3 copies of a single card or 2 copies of two different cards in their deck. In your card collection, you can see the number of copies of each card you own shown under the card itself.

What minion gives the most money? ›

While costing way more money, Tarantula Minions will make the most money from both NPC and Bazaar Sales. Therefore, they are recommended for Endgame Players instead of Snow and Clay Minions.

How many people play Minion Masters? ›

Minion Masters
MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days437.3713
June 2024437.9713
May 2024538.5930
April 2024734.52,317
90 more rows

What is the most P2W game in the world? ›

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we're counting down our picks for the Top 20 most egregious pay-to-win games ever.
  • #6: “Marvel's Avengers” (2020) ...
  • #5: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” (2022) ...
  • #4: “Candy Crush Saga” (2012) ...
  • #3: “Final Fantasy All the Bravest” (2013) ...
  • #2: “Diablo Immortal” (2022) ...
  • #1: “Dungeon Keeper” (2014)

What does glory do in minion masters? ›

Glory. Explained in short Glory does not make cards stronger stats-wise, but grants a bronze, silver, and gold frame to the card at given thresholds and speeds up the Battle Pass progress.

What are the rank tiers in minion masters? ›

There are 10 leagues in total: Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster and Contender. Each league has 5 ranks, going from 5 to 1, where 1 is the highest and 5 the lowest rank within a particular league.

Is apep female? ›

Users like horiami and tsuraikaiyo point out Apep's feminine voice during quests, indicating a female gender.

Is apep immune to dendro? ›

The Guardian of Apep's Oasis has very high Dendro resistance and uses Dendro for many of its attacks. A Dendro shielder like Baizhu or Kirara would help defensively, but it's better to just steer clear of Dendro altogether for more offensive synergy.

Who needs apep drops? ›

Talent Leveling Usage
  • Baizhu.
  • Freminet.
  • Traveler.
  • Kaveh.
  • Lyney.
  • Wriothesley.
  • Clorinde.
  • Kirara.

How do you quit in minion masters? ›

Either press escape, or the "settings" button (which looks like a cog wheel, at bottom left of the main screen). I agree, it's not obvious. There's no quit button when someone has a fresh account, that's the problem.

Is Mega Minion a good card? ›

The Mega Minion is regarded as one of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale. Some players argue that it offers great value for its elixir cost but gets overshadowed by other options like the Phoenix.

What is mana freeze in minion masters? ›

Mana Freeze: "Lock a Mana Crystal. The next time you would gain Mana, instead unlock a Mana Crystal."

Does Minion Masters have PvE? ›

"Adventure" which is a PvE gamemode where players choose from a selection of Masters and fight through 8 to 9 AI-bosses with teams they build over time as well as Perks that give them additional passive abilities.

Is Minion Masters single player? ›

Minion Masters on Steam. An addictive fast-paced hybrid of Card games & Tower-Defense. Play 1v1 - or bring a friend for 2v2 - and engage in epic online multiplayer battles full of innovative strategy and awesome plays!

What type of game is Minion Masters? ›

Minion Masters is a free-to-play card battle tug-of-war game -- players choose a Master and build decks from hundreds of cards to challenge friends and rivals in online real-time Minion battles.

What are the rank tiers in Minion Masters? ›

There are 10 leagues in total: Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster and Contender. Each league has 5 ranks, going from 5 to 1, where 1 is the highest and 5 the lowest rank within a particular league.

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