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Lucas Oil Stadium History & Fast Facts

General Stadium Facts

  • Lucas Oil Stadium was officially opened to the public on Saturday, August 16th, 2008.
  • The approximate cost of the building was $720 million – The stadium was financed with funds raised jointly by the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis in conjunction with the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium is operated by the Capital Improvement Board.
  • Naming Rights: In 2006, Lucas Oil Products secured the naming rights from the Indianapolis Colts at $122 million to be paid over a 20 year period.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium covers approximately 1.8 million square feet (over twice the size of Bankers Life Fieldhouse and nearly 2.5 times the size of the former RCA Dome).
  • The exterior façade is comprised of 980,000 bricks which, if lined up, would span 185 miles – the approximate distance from Indianapolis to Chicago.

Lucas Oil Stadium Awards and Recognition

  • 2008 Sports Facility of the Year (Street & Smith Sports Business Journal)
  • 2008-2009 Best Artificial Turf Playing Surface (NFL Players Association)
  • 2010-2011 Best Artificial Turf Playing Surface (NFL Players Association)
  • Named Top NFL Stadium & Best Stadium Experience by Stadium Journey multiple times since opening in 2008

Construction Facts:

  • Developer: Lucas Oil Stadium was developed by the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority (“the Authority”), a group of civic and business leaders appointed by the Governor of Indiana and the Mayor of Indianapolis.
  • Architect: The stadium was designed by HKS of Dallas, Texas, with significant assistance from local design firms such as A2S04 and Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf of Indianapolis and other Indiana design and engineering consultants.
  • Construction Manager: The construction manager was Hunt Construction Group, Inc., of Indianapolis, assisted by the local firms of Smoot Construction and Mezzetta Construction. The project was constructed by dozens of trade contractors, mostly from Central Indiana.

Stadium Features

Seating Capacity

  • Lucas Oil Stadium seats approximately 67,000 for football and can be expandable to over 70,000 for basketball and other major conventions and events.
  • East and West sideline and North End Zone seating areas are retractable. The North End Zone seating is also removable to create a larger show floor for other events held at Lucas Oil Stadium.


  • Field is 93,900 square feet and sits 25’ below Street Level, 120 yds x 53.5 yds.
  • The artificial field surface is a combination of sand & rubber infill weighing over 820,000 pounds which can also be covered for concerts, tradeshows and other events.

Roof & Operable Window

  • The roof is the first of its kind with 2 retractable roof panels and can be opened in approximately 11 minutes. Each roof panel weighs approximately 2.5 million pounds.
  • Each of the two roof panels measure approximately 160 feet (east – west) by 600 feet (north-south); Roof Opening Size: Over 176,000 sq. ft.
  • Operable Window consists of six (6) panels (three (3) panels to the East, three (3) panels to the West), measuring 88’H x 244’ W (first in the NFL). It takes approx. 11 minutes to open.


  • There are 139 suites in Lucas Oil Stadium including 8 Field Suites – 10’ from the field.
  • Quarterback Suite is located on Upper Suite level and accommodates 200 guests.

Press Box

  • The Press Box houses game operations, radio broadcast, coaches booths, print media, video board production and stadium operations booths.
  • Press Box also has seating and dining available for up to 200 members of the media.

Video Boards

  • Approximately 1,550 linear feet of ribbon boards are located on the façade of Loge Level. An additional 660 feet are located in the 4 corner sections of Upper Suite Level.
  • Two main video boards – One in the Northwest and one in the Southeast quadrants. Each board is 37’ x 97’ with 16mm pixel size.
  • Four auxiliary boards, 2 located above each of the main video boards.
  • Exterior marquees with video capabilities are also located at the NE & SW corners of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Exhibit Halls, Meeting Rooms & Convention Space

  • The floor of Lucas Oil Stadium offers nearly 135,000 square feet of space when the seats are retracted and can be combined with 43,000 square feet of Exhibit Hall space and ancillary space for a grand total of over 180,000 square feet.
  • In addition, two (2) Exhibit Halls and twelve (12) Meeting Rooms are located on Event Level.
  • Guests can quickly access the Indiana Convention Center through an underground pedestrian connector, which is in turn linked to Circle Centre Mall. Visitors can access over 4,700 downtown hotel rooms without ever having to step outside.


Upcoming Stadium Events

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November 1 - November 3

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

November 1 - November 3

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About Lucas Oil Stadium - Stadium Background & History (2024)
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