NCG Shelter Program



In the past several years many property owners and managers have had equipment installed directly on their property by a variety of ISP's to provide High-speed Internet services to their tenants.  These properties included a wide range of MDU's, MTU's, Commercial complex's and Hotels.  

The goal of the property owners and managers was to provide a value added service to those tenants that wanted inexpensive, and quickly obtained, High-speed Internet services.  In most cases the ISP's placed a variety of network equipment onsite where they could quickly and cost effectively provide service to tenants.  In addition to this the ISP would also maintain the equipment and services through continuous network monitoring and service provisioning.           

As a property owner/manager you may be aware of the struggle some ISPs are facing in today's marketplace. Several ISPs have filed for bankruptcy protection, and many more are following.  In addition many are not providing satisfactory customer support during this period and several are planning to abandon many of the properties outright.   This is leaving numerous property owners wondering what to do, especially if they have a financial interest in the property's network.  Northeast Communications Group's SHELTER program can help fill this void to provide the service and monitoring for all your tenants.

NCG has an extensive background in the area of co-located network systems and can provide you with the knowledge and know-how to keep your system up and running and your tenants happy.

If you are a property owner/manager and would like more information on NCG's SHELTER program, you may call us at (570) 595-0255 or you can email us for additional information at