some of the services we can provide:

 Routing Services
 Customer Support


Ø      Routing Services, (Cisco, Bay Networks, Juniper) (top)

§         Installation and configuration

§         WAN, (Wide Area Network) management and monitoring

§         LAN, (Local Area Network) management and monitoring

§         Critical system updates and re-configurations

§         Security monitoring

Ø     DHCP, (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocal) allowing computers on a  property’s network to automatically obtain their network configuration without having the tenant to do it manually (top)

§         NOMADIX

§         WINDOWS NT, WIN2K Advanced Server

§         Security monitoring

§         Host caching services

§         Internal routing of additional TCP/IP protocols at the tenants request

§         Addition of static routing at tenants request

§         VPN services

§         System updates

§         Firmware updates

§         Troubleshooting

§         General system management

Ø      NOC, (Network Office Center) setup (top)

§         Installation and configuration

§         QOS monitoring

§         The activation and de-activation of port assignments to tenants

§         MUX, (Multiplexing) management

§         System management

§         Firmware upgrades

§         Security management

Ø      Email Services (top)

§         Email services to tenants

§         New account setup

§         Password changes

§         Customer services, (troubleshooting, etc…)

§         Email management to tenants, including phone and tenants computer services