DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL technology allows for high-speed data transmission over the ordinary copper phone lines that are  connected to the tenants on your property. DSL achieves higher speeds by expanding the usable bandwidth of your property's EXISTING copper phone lines eliminating the need for new wire construction on your property.  We provide a full service of suites within this area including, but not limited to:

Site Analysis

  • Cost Analysis

  • On-site analysis of property

  • Wire Assessment

  • Network assessment

Routing Services

  • Installation, (DSLAM & Router)

  • WAN, (Wide Area Network) management and monitoring  

  • LAN, (Local Area Network) management and monitoring

  • Critical system updates and re-configurations LAN Security monitoring

DHCP, (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol allowing computers on a property network to automatically obtain their network configuration without having the tenant to do it manually


  • WINDOWS NT, WIN2K Advanced Server

  • Security monitoring

  • Host caching services

  • Routing of additional TCP/IP protocols at the tenants request

  • Addition of static routing at tenants request

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