Interested in a cable Modem network for your property?  Look no further.  Northeast Communications has the skills and experience necessary to make getting this service to your tenants as painless as possible, without tearing up your property.

A headend cable modem termination system (CMTS) communicates through channels with cable modems located in subscriber homes to create a virtual local area network (LAN) connection using the property's existing cable plant. 

Today, cable operators must do more than simply install cable modem gear. Rather, they must build a sophisticated end-to-end IP networking infrastructure in each community they serve that is robust enough to support tens of thousands of data subscribers. That includes items like Internet backbone connectivity, routers, servers, network management tools, as well as security and billing systems. In essence, cable operators are faced with the task of building some of the world's largest "intranets," a serious engineering and operations challenge.

Northeast Communications Group can do this for your property in a seamless, professional manner.  To find out how, give us a call!

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